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What is Toggle Clamp?

What is a Toggle Clamp?

Toggle clamp is a simple Mechanism which holds instantly. The Toggle Clamps Consist of a handle to operate, a Clamping Arm to Reach the work piece, linkages for multiplying the applied force, and a base for mounting at the workplace on it’s base. The handle is operated which thereby moves the clamping arm to hold the work piece. A required clamping force is achieved and exerted on the work piece. Under this action the Toggle Clamp Holds the work piece firmly and positively.

Toggle Action Force Factors

Holding Capacity:

The holding capacity mentioned for each clamp refers to the maximum force, which the clamp can withstand after being over-centered without damage to the clamp and without the toggle unlocking due to distortion of the clamp.

The over-center dimension is carefully chosen in relation to the elasticity of the clamp to maximize clamping force while ensuring that the clamp locks closed even under vibration or intermittent loading.

For Hold Down Clamps, holding capacity is measured with the spindle at the farthest end of the clamping arm and will increase as the spindle goes closer to the clamping arm.

Clamping Force:

Clamping Force, the amount of force actually applied to the work piece by closing and locking the clamp, is generally less than the stated holding capacity. Actual clamping force depends on many factors including; spindle position, proper spindle height adjustment, spindle cushioning, work piece material and the clamps mechanical advantage. In most cases, roughly 1/3rd of the stated holding capacity can be applied by hand with medium effort.

Toggle Principle

Toggle action clamps operate through a linkage system of levers and pivots. The fixed length levers, connected by pivot pins supply the action and clamping force. Toggle action has an over centre lock point which is a fixed stop and linkage. Once in the over centre position, the clamp cannot move or unlock unless the linkage is moved. All types of toggle clamps have same action, just oriented differently.

The Toggle Mechanism in a clamp has three functions.

  • To multiply applied load at the handle into a high clamping force to hold the work piece.
  • To create an over – centre lock to prevent the clamp from opening & releasing the work piece until opened by the operator.
  • To rapidly open & close the clamp giving a maximum clearance in which to load & unload the work piece.

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